Coat of Arms of the House of Bourgogne von Hohenstaufen

The Most Honourable Private Ducal Council
of the Dukedom of Swabia

The Private Ducal Council was convened on 21 July 2017, to advise and assist the Duke. Offices are filled as meritorious candidates emerge and according to the needs of the Dukedom of Swabia. Members of the Private Ducal Council, called Lord Private Councillor or Lady Private Councillor, serve at the pleasure of the Duke, though appointments are typically for the life of the Councillor or of the Duke, unless the Councillor should resign or be requested to resign.

All present and past members of the Private Ducal Council are given the title of Lord or Lady and styled as Your Lordship or Your Ladyship, as are their spouses, unless they should already hold another title of greater rank. These titles of office follow the styles of honorary and courtesy titles (they go before the first name and surname of the individual). They are not inheritable by descendants, being held by the Councillors and their spouses for the duration of their lives. Lord and Lady Private Councillors are also entitled to the post-nomial letters 'PDC' (Private Ducal Councillor).

Members of the Private Ducal Council

Duke / Duchess

Duke Consort / Duchess Consort

Hereditary Duke / Hereditary Duchess

Lord Chancellor / Lady Chancellor

Lord Chamberlain / Lady Chamberlain

Lord Officer of the Press / Lady Officer of the Press

Lord High Almoner / Lady High Almoner

Lord Keeper of the Seal / Lady Keeper of the Seal

Lord Private Councillor / Lady Private Councillor